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A tempting morsel of Eternal Diet

The fingers gripping her head were like frozen stone as he tilted her head to the side. Eyes once brown and now radiating red fire flowed towards her. She could not tear her eyes away for they held her tighter than the hands clasped around her. Slowly his left hand slid down her blouse and slipped inside around to the fastenings of her bra. She felt it open and she spilled out of the cups supporting her breasts. “My, you will be a full feeding.” Colin whispered as the last of the buttons ripped away and her blouse opened to fall off of her shoulders exposing her throat. A small gasp escaped Gwen when his thumb rubbed across a nipple. “You like that, I see.” And he leaned down to suckle. “Feedings are so much more enjoyable when the meal’s blood is racing.” Gwen shuddered as his tongue circled one nipple and then the other. She could feel the hint of something sharp rasp behind the tongue

sending her into an even greater spasm.

Time disappeared, didn’t matter. All that mattered was that this never end. When the bite happened she didn’t feel it. Her body melted and Colin followed her to the floor. Her heart felt weak. All feeling left her legs and then her arms. Cold entered her and she struggled against it. “No, no, no you aren’t supposed to take it all…please.” She felt herself slipping away, the cold growing. Gwen gathered her will and with one last ounce of strength, pushed against Colin’s body. “We had a deal, damn it!”

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