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Arista Doyle and the Secret of the Bees is my latest focus. I want to have an agent fall in love with it and sign me up for a blockbuster deal. Yeah, I can dream, can't I?

The book is edited, beta read and out to one last beta reader before I want to send it out into the world. I had sent it out in the late summer and got some response; no requests or offers but a few agents took the time to suggest ways to improve. I'm always open to such suggestions and I took them up on it. Hopefully, their advice will help me in the next round of agenting.

I am growing my following on Facebook and Instagram but Twitter seems to be the best for me. It's fun and helpful to interact with other writers in an almost instantaneous exchange. Lots of good advice and my following is growing.

Right now I am promoting Eternal Diet and its sequel Not The Mountains of Home by posting quotes, passages and photos online. Between writing the sequel, promoting everything and keeping up with my social media I am busy! Oh, did I mention a new grandson and another one arriving soon?

My followers are great! And now is the time for me to make the next step up and get into a professional market. Eternal Diet is self published. NTMoH is not quite finished. Arista is my hope now for an agent. Wish me luck.

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