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A few months ago I had sent a version of Arista Doyle to several agents. Didn't hear anything again and forgot about it. Now these past few days when I eagerly open my gmail every morning to see if any Mentors have reached out to me, no thought of earlier submissions exists in my head. This morning I saw an email with the words Arista Doyle in it and my heart rate jumped. Was this a mentor asking for more pages? Trembling finger pushed on the link. Nope. Not a mentor reaching out. An agent. And not even an agent, his assistant which is why I didn't recognise the name. He passed.

I understand he doesn't want it. But could the timing be any worse?? Tenter hooks are terrible things to be hanging by.

Roxi. Acrylic on canvas. 2016.

Portrait of my Sheltie/Dachshund mix girl Roxi. The original is hanging over my shoulder right now. Wish the colors had photographed better. Roxi has the Sheltie body and legs with her ears and eyes definitely Dachshund.

I was walking her along the winter beach on day and a young woman came up and exclaimed what a lovey Dachshund she was. I knew Roxi was a mix but I hadn't identified the other part of the mix at that point. The two breeds work well together.

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