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Do I or Don't I....

Still wrestling with the idea of going with Pen It. I talked with a representative yesterday and she explained the marketing available.

They will list the book with Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Ingram Sparks. All of which I can do myself but am confused about the procedures involved in each one.

They will set up book sales and talks at libraries, bookstores and coffee shops; all of which as an inexperienced, I writer might have trouble doing.

Their website has reviews of their author books on it.

They will do artwork for posters, covers and bookmarks etc.

I would get 50% of royalties but that means if I list on Amazon, and I assume the others, Pen It gets 50% of the 40% they give. Which means I really get 20% of profits from sales.

I am so confused about what to do. One minute I say yes, sign, then the next I say no. Arrgghh!

Do I sign and let them take care of the details? Or do I do the work myself, as inexperienced as I am?

As a publisher they have access to more avenues and opportunities. See my dilemma?

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