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Dresden Files

Storm Front is the first in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a real, honest to god Wizard. He finds lost items, does paranormal investigations, consulting, advice and his rates are reasonable He doesn’t do love potions, endless purses and he doesn’t do parties. But if you’re having a problem with some paranormal stuff like ghosts, vampires and trolls as well as fairies, Dresden’s your man. He charges a reasonable per diem and expenses.

He has a problem with any technology invented since 1940 and has been known to blow up cell phones just by handling them. So, he’s a hands on sort of Wizard who drives a beat up volkswagen around Chicago.

In the first of the series “Storm Front” his Chicago police department liaison calls him to a bloody scene. Not so unusual for Chicago perhaps but in this apartment the two participants in a carnal act are found dead; their hearts removed. But not by a madman with a sharp knife. The hearts had exploded from their hearts, ripped by some external force. Dresden suspects magic and is put on the job.

Bob, the spirit trapped in an ancient skull helps him with research in exchange for a few hours of freedom to float unseen into women’s bedrooms and baths. He’s a bit of a pervert but he does know his mystical stuff and he has a soft spot for Harry.

Not so the White Council; a regulatory commision made up of wizards and other members of the ‘friendly to human’ paranormal community. They watch over events and seem to have it in for Harry. Probably because Harry rarely follows the rules. Which results in a few unpleasant encounters.

Storm Front is the beginning. I am eagerly waiting for book 15 to come out in July of 2020.

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