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Gwen meets Colin in Eternal Diet

Gonna post a snippet from Eternal Diet today. Gwen has just encountered Colin and asked if he was a vampire.

“You stupid girl!” he hissed. “You stupid, stupid girl!” He pushed her rudely away and stepped back. At five foot two [if she lied about a half inch] Gwen was not the tallest person, and she realized her perception of his height was wrong. He wasn’t so tall at all; he stood a tad under five foot eight. The unicolor black suit and slimness made him appear taller. How come that look doesn’t work for me? His light brown hair parted at the crown had escaped from the ribbon and fell across his face. Craggy cheeks dominated a diamond-shaped face with a razor-thin nose. His lips were curled, and she caught a flash of pristine white but crooked teeth. He stood staring at her, his body trembling, his hands raised as if to ward her off. “Oh, you stupid girl.”

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