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Had to take it down

If you've been looking for my novel Eternal Diet, I took it out of publication in October. Not for lack of sales but feedback about it needing professional editing. I rushed to self publication like a toddler with a shiny new toy that I wanted to show everyone.

That was a mistake so within a few weeks of publishing and sent it to a professional editor who suggested I send it to literary agents. Quite a boost to my ego, that! So that's what I am doing. I hope, I hope, I hope some agent will be willing to take a chance on me.

Above is a photo of when took a copy to a friend's studio and read to a few listeners. I'd chosen a few segments I thought represented the book the best. When I finished the first few paragraphs of my first segment, the audience begged me to simply continue. Another ego boost. I read until my throat was sore and was very grateful for the full glass of red wine. Although water probably would have been a wiser choice!

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