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I just realised...

I've never really given a bio on here.

I was born in the suburbs of Long Island, New York, where I never truly felt at home. In 1986, my husband and two children moved to a small farm in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia. Now THERE I felt at home. We raised a few animals and added one more child to the family.

One of my favorite memories of the farm is milking the goats. On cold mornings, I'd briskly rub my hands together to warm them up before touching the teats [no one likes cold hands, especially in such a sensative spot]. I'd lean into the warm flank and enjoy the smell of clean hay, grain and warm milk as it streamed into the pail. Goats are quite intelligent and kind if you let them be.

The best doesn't always last and in 2002 I moved to North Carolina and got a job in a library. Best job ever. Now I'm living in Hawaii with two of my three kids and a few grandkids. Maybe we'll get goats, it is on the agenda.

My writing career began in sixth grade with my teacher Mr. Goodman. He fired me up to creating stories and taught me how to setup the story and deliver it. I never really stopped writing since, even though life did limit the time to indulge.

Serious writing began about a decade ago when I started my adult Vampire book Eternal Diet. The idea came when a few of my library co workers were joking about how book genre covers were always similar. Vampires always showed thin, graceful modelesque people. We postulated; What if something went wrong? You'll have to read the book to learn more.

Arista Doyle and the Secret of the Bees actually started out as an adult murder mystery. It was about 1/3 done when I began to have problems figuring out how to have the MC solve the murder. One night, it came to me. Woke me up even. Give one of the minor characters, an autistic girl, the ability to communicate with animals. Since the bees were blamed for the death, have the bees plead their innocence.

There were several drafts and edits and lots of agony over what to do and how to do it. This version is as close to my vision as I can get it.

So, here I am, living in paradise, waiting to see if my writing is enjoyed by others.

Brothers. Pastel. I loved this photo when I came across it on the internet and had to paint it. It was only after the news of Cecil the lion being killed by a trophy hunter hit the news that I realized this was a photo of him and his brother. Made it that much more precious.

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