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During the writing of Eternal Diet, the vampire Colin was always meant to be an important character. But as I wrote my feeling that he was integral to the story grew. And now I am planning on writing my next book based on his story. Which begins in 1480s Scotland.

I have developed two scenarios to introduce his story. I wouldn't mind some feedback.

Option One.

Colin and Gwen go to Gwen’s hometown. Her father has died and a will is to be read and bequests to be bestowed. Her only surviving family is Emily, who knows of her being a vampire and Jimmy her older brother who doesn’t. Emily runs interference and arranges all events to happen in the winter night time. Colin sees uncomfortable parallels between Gwen and his own sister.

Option Two

Colin and Gwen go to Scotland.

Tired of America and its descent into incivility Colin, wants to be on the Auld sod. An unknown vampire is shadowing and threatening them. Getting too close for comfort.

Colin is still bothered by the notion that there is something that connects Gwen to him.

While there memories are stirred up because of the recent referendum for Scottish Independence.

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