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Is This The One?

I received an offer and contract from a small publisher on Friday. I'd been watching Downton Abbey on my laptop and around 11pm decided to go to bed. One last check of my email and then to sleep was my plan. Well, the first email was from the publisher. The first line of the preview line was "I'm sorry..." and my heart sank. Another rejection.

It's a good thing I opened it... the first line in full was "I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back..." They want Eternal Diet! It's a small press and the first publishing will be ebook and then, if things go well, print copies. It all depends on the marketing.

Marketing; almost the most painful, difficult and fun part of writing. You bleed blood sweat and tears to create the book. Now you have to introduce it to people and get them to read it. A publisher knows how to do this and has connections I don't.

My only question regarding signing on the dotted line is more information on marketing. The contract didn't specify but everything else about the contract looks good and I am definitely leaning towards a yes.

Sleep took a long time to arrive Friday night, in fact it was well into Saturday morning before I even tried to sleep! I'm having friends and family read the contract as different eyes will see different things.

Pen It is a small press that looks like it is ready to expand. It would be a good thing for me to be a part of that expansion.

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