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It may be time for a new laptop

But I hope not. I went into town yesterday and bought what I thought was a charger for my Chromebook. Got home and found the USB-C didn't fit, it had some sort of collar and wouldn't go into the slot. I tried a charger we had that's for a Nintendo game that did fit but no charge through that either.

So now it's another trip, this time to a computer shop to make sure it's my charger and not the laptop. It's possible the nintendo charger is a different strength or power or whatever, than my laptop. At least I hope so! I am planning on eventually getting a new laptop with Windows so I can get Word, but I didn't want to do it so soon.

I've got weeks of editing on You Are What You Eat and I want to get cracking on it.

Mare and Foal. Pastel 2017

Love finding photos like this.

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