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It's a Go!

Just got the go ahead to ramp up marketing for Eternal Diet! Release date soon. Cover reveal even sooner. Here's an excerpt from the book. Gwen meets Colin the Vampire for the first time.

A darker shadow than the others stirred, and a pale face moved into view. A tall, beautiful, rock star in full costume. Black jacket on black jeans above onyx encrusted black boots. Long wavy light brown hair with a hint of gray at the temples and tied back against his elegant long coat. His hands were dead still, clasped together in front of his slim waist. His face and hands glowed faintly as the blackness of his garb enhanced the whiteness of his skin.

Even from across the street Gwen could see his dark brown eyes staring into hers an expression of bemused inquiry in them. Gwen stood breathless, unable to tear her eyes from his face, unable to blink her eyes. Slowly he tilted his head to the side and lifted a finger in salute. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t breathe.

I've been a story teller for a looong time.

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