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Laptop not charging

For about six months, I've been having an issue with the charger on my Chromebook. At first it wasn't charging fully. Now it's not charging at all. Living in a remote area of the Big Island in Hawaii makes getting replacements for such things difficult. I've checked the websites for Walmart and Target and they both carry chargers but, and it's a big but here, do that carry the one I need? It's not like I can go to the next story.

For this reason, I will likely not be on for a few days. If I'm lucky, I will be able to drive and hour to the closest Walmart and they will have what I need. Otherwise it will mean waiting for Amazon.

Without a laptop, writing and editing is tabled. I have my cellphone, but I need a laptop and its corresponding large keyboard for writing and editing. I will try tomorrow to go to town and hopefully replace my charger. Wish me luck.

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