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New Supernatural Author on the Block

My new novel Eternal Diet is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback

Gwen envies vampires. They are always depicted as beautiful and graceful creatures and she is anything but. She travels to [of course] New Orleans to find one and convince him to share. Which she does. Colin is a centuries old vampire in need of a little updating to fit into the modern computer age so he and Gwen strike a bargain; she will bring him up to speed and he will deliver everlasting life and beauty. Gwen learns that not all desires can be controlled and that they have consequences.

Soon Gwen's friends come looking for her, worried that she has disappeared into the missing persons problem that has New Orleans in its grip and end up entangled in the mystery themselves. Together, Gwen, Colin and friends join forces to find out what is happening to the people of New Orleans.

An ancient evil has resurfaced and is slowly gathering in strength and numbers and Colin is forced to face an old friend.

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