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Pitching in Pitchwars

I've been busy the past few weeks taking my middle grade book Arista Doyle and the Secret of the Bees through the editing wringer called AutoCrit. So many mistakes I made! Hopefully I fixed them all. Grammar, spelling basics done. Strong writing, show vs tell, over use of certain words; all that has been addressed. For the better.

I've even formatted my manuscript using the method suggested by pitchwars. Not so easy when you're using Google Docs, let me tell you! Next laptop I get will have Word on it, for sure!

Can't wait now. Applicants are allowed to apply to up to four mentors. There are so many good ones in the genre Arista is in I had trouble narrowing them down. Still have six on my list. Gotta narrow it down just a little more. At least the ones I don't choose will never know how close I came to choosing them. lol.

These guys are waiting too. They may even have a favorite mentor. I titled this piece "Who's there?" Pastel is one of my favorite mediums.

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