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Rainy Day Temptations

I was gonna go to the library and pick up the copy of Writer's Market on hold for me but...rain. I was gonna go pick up a few groceries that I forgot to get last time I went but...rain. I was gonna go to the gym but....rain.

I can go tomorrow and pick up the book, stop at the grocery store for the mayo and ketchup and go to the gym. I can. I want to. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Funny thing about rain. It makes me want to curl up with a nice cuppa tea or coffee. A good excuse to not go out. Instead I'm gonna stay right here in my green recliner and read, drink coffee and [maybe] do some house cleaning. And maybe post another segment of my book.

Eternal Diet's main character is Gwen, an overweight 20 something who has tried to lose weight in all the acceptable manners open to us. She has dieted, gone to the gym and even tried a hypnotist. It was the hypnotist session that sent her down the road to New Orleans.

Below is the opening scene in the book.

Gwendolyn J’sarajen, Gwen for short, sighed as she wrung the washcloth out in the cold water and dragged it along down her neck and around her sizable breasts. Lifting one with her free hand, she wiped underneath and let it fall. She repeated with her other breast and continued down the contours of her overlapping belly rolls and down to the part of her thighs.

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