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RIP Chromebook.

I did end up getting a new laptop. And this time I got a windows based one so I can use Word, or in my case, Open Office, which mimics word. So far I haven't had any trouble. It was a pain in the arse recreating all my favorites but on the bright side, I was able to dump a bunch I never use.

Right now I'm editing You Are What You Eat and boy, is it a laborious process this time! I'm doing a development edit and got advice on improving static scenes and POV. It means a lot of re-writing so there is no telling when this might be ready. I'm also kicking around an idea for a new book to be started in NaNoWriMo. It's a middle grade stand alone based on the Pied Piper but set in modern day Appalachian mountains. Lots of fun with research. Right now I'm learning how to hunt for mushrooms.

This is all dependent on PitchWars mentorship. If I get in, the YAWYA edit and MG book will be shelved. My shelves can handle it.

This is the original edit for the manuscript I submitted to PitchWars. I printed it out so I could work on it on the 15 hour trip from NC to Hawaii last year. Been through a few since then.

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