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Snippet from sequel. Too rough?

Gwen looked to see how Colin was doing. He had the three thieves cornered and when they saw their leader go down they decided that speed was the better part of valor and tried to run. Colin and Gwen swarmed over them before they could move their feet. Gwen kneed the one closest to herself in the crotch and smiled when his vicious grin changed into a howl of agony. Two down.

Colin had the other two down and was beginning to feed on one. Gwen wasted no time. She chose the one rolling on the ground moaning in pain and clutching his crotch. “I’ll take your mind off of that pain for you.”

Reaching down to add her hand to his, she tightened her grip and twisted, bringing forth new levels of howls from his throat. Interesting. She twisted again and squeezed even harder until she felt something give. She drew back her hand and watched as a pool of blood flooded the front of his pants. She poked the area and something like a hot dog flopped off followed by two small orbs.

Damn! He was loosing blood too quickly. She crooned to the mugger who lay in a paraxsm of pain. “Shhhh. I’d love to explore this new musical method, but I’m afraid you’re bleeding too fast.” Her fangs descended to his throat. His voice faltered and slowed to a faint keening noise. “That’s better. Don’t want the authorities to come, do we?” And she drank.

Colin had finished his meal, a more sedate and quiet meal, and was sitting on her third. “Do you want to feed on this one, he’s out cold, or would you rather play with the one over there? I believe he’s beginning to recover from your martial arts display.”

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