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Sorry I've been away

I moved to Hawaii in the beginning of October. Internet here is spotty and what with settling in and getting a car and healthcare squared away I regret to say I ignored this site.

But! I have gotten Eternal Diet published on Amazon and have about 3/4 of the sequel finished. Colin and Gwen have moved to Reno. It's a compromise between the mountains of Gwen's home and the sinful life of a casino town. Gwen wanted her familiar mountains of Virginia and Colin wanted the night life of Los Vegas. So they ended up in Reno. Here's the opening paragraphs.

Gwen stood on the balcony of the high rise hotel and studied the mountains in the distance. When Colin had promised to bring her to the mountains, these soaring, sun blasted, rock covered behemoths wasn’t what she had in mind.

What she had wanted was the flowing, green grass covered rolling hills of her native Appalachia. She wanted slowly winding rivers that disappeared around verdant curves filled with leaf laden trees and bushes. She wanted the stillness of the evening to carry the far away caw of a crow flying over the meadows to settle like a silk sheet in her ears. Where was the life affirming scent of wildflowers in on a cool breeze? Where was the fricking grass?

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