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Third time the charm, right?

Just spent the last week or so re-writing a story I had started during NaNo. I started it as an adult level murder mystery with a grown woman as main character. As the story grew it began to feel more and more like a young adult book. One of the side characters that I had introduced to add a level of fantasy to a normal murder mystery grew in importance. She is now the main character and the original is her mom. It took me a while and I will no doubt have to do a lot more re-writing and editing before I'm done but at least I am onto virgin territory now and the story can proceed. The book was only about 1/4 done so it wasn't too hard but that's assuming I did the re-write correctly! lol. I was able to save a lot of the original stuff, just had to change point of views etc. I'm excited about it. I actually started this book in 1998. Re started from scratch with just the motive and method remaining in NaNo. Now the main character is a 12 year old autistic girl who we are discovering has some fantastical abilities. Not elves and quests type fantasy, more psychic. Strange, isn't it. How a murder mystery with adult situations [including an erotic scene] could end up a young adult, middle grade book about an autistic psychic. Word count went down form 18000 to about 16500 with all the removals and added stuff. Time for a glass of wine. Or beer. Not sure which.

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