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We can all identify with Gwen

A lot of us have done the losing weight battle that Gwen deals with. I know that I have. A lot of my experience is in this story. Not the vampire part! But certainly the dieting and body image issues.

“Arrrgghhh! I just bought these pants a few months ago! And now I can’t get them buttoned!” Gwen moaned as she changed her clothes at the gym. “Oh, to be thin like you, Reba and not have to worry about gaining weight!” “It isn’t really all that hard, Gwen. You gotta use your willpower.” Reba’s glib and already been heard answer sent Gwen over the edge. “You think I don’t try? You think I LIKE being fat? Let me tell you something, girlfriend, I get out on that weight room floor and I SWEAT. I sweat to Zumba, I sweat to yoga and I sweat on the treadmill. Nothing seems to work.” “It might work a bit better if you didn’t go to IHOP afterwards and get the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Frooty special.” That wasn’t the right thing to say to Gwen and she jammed her towel into her bag and stamped out of the changing room knocking into another slim, toned woman turning into the room. “Sorry, sorry I take up so much space” she sobbed. The slim, toned woman looked at Reba. Reba shrugged and the woman went on.

I’m not gonna go to IHOP, I’m gonna go home and have a salad. Just a salad. Not even dressing. She stopped at the Food Lion and walked straight to the produce aisle. The selection of greens and veggies was incredible. I could make a whopper of a salad with all this! Wrong choice of words. A vision of a large beef patty covered with cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard on a sesame bun blinded her.

She knocked into a display of potatoes and sent a bunch tumbling down the aisle. The attendant ran over and started to scoop them up and place them back onto the display. Gwen bent down and grabbed a few and for a second or two they did a little dance around each other trying to set things right. “No, miss, don’t bother. It’s my job. I’ll put them back. You just go along and let me do this. Please.” Gwen grabbed a bag of pre-made salad and ran to the check out and took it home. Without dressing it tasted as if she was grazing in a field. Just like the cow she felt like.

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