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Writing Eternal Diet

So, Eternal Diet is about Vampires. You know, the sexy, gorgeous and slinky night creatures that seduce as much as swoop in on their victims. Writing about seducing a victim can be a little tricky. It is also a bit uncomfortable when people you know read the erotic parts of the seduction. Especially when you're a 64 year old grandma! I sent a Google Doc version of my book to my daughter to read after it was done but before editing. It's not her cuppa tea for the most part but she is a dutiful daughter eager to help her mom on her quest. A few days later I called to ask how she liked the book. She had gotten about three chapters in and was approaching one of "those" segments in the story. She's a busy mom and explained that it was taking her time to read the book but she liked it. In fact, her exact quote was "I can hear your voice in the book." I was proud to learn that my voice is strong enough to come through but I had some reservations considering the section she was fast approaching. I told her for the next chapter or so she might want to get someone else's voice in her head. Her mother's voice just wasn't going to fly!

Me posing as the Scary Story Teller in my library's Halloween party

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