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Writing in the time of Covid

In this era of shelter at home and mask wearing Covid, we feel lost, not sure what to do or how to do it. We can't simply drive to be with our friends and family. Former activities like getting together with a writing group at the local book store or library fall by the wayside. Forget about going to book conferences or conventions! Sometimes it feels as if my life has been put on hold.

Here on Hawaii, living the Aloha spirit means wearing masks and helping others. Hawaii managed to dodge the bullet in the spring and most of the summer. We wore our masks and smiled with our eyes and voice as much as possible. And it looked as if Covid would not impact us.

This past week I learned that a little village just a few miles away, at a beach where I swim and my grandchildren have friends, has an outbreak of Covid. The same at another small town where we do a lot of our grocery shopping. It's hitting home and getting closer. I feel unmoored.

During this time, I've tried to write. I started several short stories and even got two of them accepted into publication; one in an anthology, the other in an online magazine. I've started writing sequels to my first two novels but my head is clouded and I can't see a clear path for any of them. Every time I sit down to write I can't concentrate, I'm constantly checking the news to see what the latest numbers are and how close they are to me.

It's scary how close they are to me. I feel frozen, unable to do anything. I still write though. And pretty soon one of my novels will be ready for the last edit and I will only have to worry about fixing something, not creating it. Because, believe you me, right now I don't feel very creative.

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